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LifeYield + Riskalyze Partner Event

Wednesday,  January 9
1pm PST
Steve Zuschin
Chrissie Buchanan

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

How to adopt a risk-first approach and keep clients invested for the long term.

How to help clients avoid paying unnecessary taxes and increase overall returns.

How utilizing the latest technology and risk-smart/tax-smart household management improves investor outcomes.

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2019/1/09 1:00 PM

About The Hosts

Steve Zuschin
EVP Sales at LifeYield
Steve has over ten years of experience in financial services, advisor technology and sales. After spending 6 years with a fintech company focused on measuring and illustrating risk, Steve developed a passion for helping investors understand complex issues that play a role in their ability to achieve their financial goals.  Over the past 18 months he has worked with the team at LifeYield to make their tax smart technology available to the advisor community. The keystone is the Taxfcient Score®, which measures the tax efficiency of a household, and provides a deliverable which quantifies the value of Asset Location. 
Chrissie Buchanan
Content Marketer at Riskalyze
Chrissie has over a decade of experience curating cutting-edge content to drive inbound marketing interest with Fortune 500 software companies and B2B Fintech solutions. She specializes in producing Riskalyze blogs, white papers, case studies, articles, ebooks, as well as PR messaging and social media content.
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